Subject: What are they doing to me?


Alan Abelove here from and Online Passive Income.

This is going to be half a rant, and half of a marketing lesson for you.

In my previous emails I several times bad-mouthed gurus as being the "wicked guys". That was probably misleading. I want to explain this better.
There are very big marketers, they are on the level of gurus, that I have great respect for. I work with them, and I promote their products. Not on this list, this is my Online Passive Income list. This is the list that I am going to be able to retire with, and you also if you follow me.
I took training as an online marketer. And I am part of a group, I don't hide this, although this is not the place to speak it out. And to be successful, you've got to be putting out your own products, quality products, not junk. And then you sell them on some JV platform like JVZoo or Warrior plus, and your JV partners will also sell your products for you.
And if it a good product and the launch is successful, then you've built a "list of buyers", people that trust you enough that not only did they give you their email address, they paid you their money. Actually, it is probably closer to the truth that they trust your JV partner that sent them to you in the first place.
Now, what happens then is that you have to start writing to your list from day one, and then every day after that so that they don't forget who you are, since they are getting bombarded by like 20 or 30 or even 50 emails daily from people just like yourself, and you have to make sure that they don't forget what they bought from you and what makes you special.
You have to start sending them daily pitches for other products. I mean, these people JV'ed for you, aren't you going to reciprocate? So let's say that this week there are three launches going on, and then next week two more launches. So you support them and send to your "buyers list" promotions for the other guy's launch.
But then of course the other guy himself is sending to the same people because it was his list that bought from you and built your buyers list in the first place.
So you're competing with one other. And now you've got to subtly convince your list why it's better for them to buy from you. You offer bonuses, etc etc etc.
It's a real cut-throat.
The friendly gurus, if they are worth what they are made of, so they've already developed a skillful finesse in how they tactfully and smoothly communicate with their lists, and they already have groups of bonuses setup to choose from, and if you're coming to compete with them, likelihood dictates that you don't stand a chance.
Once in a while I buy products from other people that I think that I need, not from the big people, rather from the other students like myself, and I saw the way that they were treating me, like from the next day pitching to me other products that have nothing to do with what I bought, with the scarcity tactic and pressure and deadlines. I thought to myself, jeez, is that how I am coming across to my lists also?
What are they doing to me? What is this Frankenstein that I have become?
To be continued,
Alan Abelove