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Alan Abelove here from IMAlanAbelove.

Are you someone who promotes opportunities to others?

Do you have an audience? Any kind, an email list, Facebook followers, a YouTube channel, anyone that you can promote to?

If yes, then you have to see what is probably the BEST JV deal of all time.

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Best JV deal of all time

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Alan Abelove here from

I wrote to you yesterday about a JV opportunity the likes of which I have never seen, which in my opinion is the finest offer that I have ever been made.

This offer is from John Thornhill, my teacher in Product Creation, and it is special for several reasons:

The original offer is for a no-cost webinar presentation about the subject of Product Creation.

This is a subject for which there is mucho interest and mucho demand, and for good reason. Say what you want: it's impossibly difficult, it's ridiculously expensive, it'll take you years of work; but the people who are making six-figure and seven-figure income on the internet all have their own products that they sell and that others sell for them.

And, no, they didn't buy the products from someone else with PLR rights, they created it themselves.

The webinar is sincere in its delivery of showing all that you have to do in order to create your own digital product without being difficult, expensive, or massively timely.

Just that the webinar, like any webinar, offers entrance into John's course at a reduced price.

And this is a high-ticket offer for which you can make a thousand dollars in affiliate commissions.

And it converts well.

The email followup series offers a replay, and several different payment options so that those who want but can't will be able to. And there is even an unbelievable option that I am not even going to tell you about here.


Here's where it gets really interesting, and much different from your regular JV offers. And that is, that after the followup series for the Partnership to Success course, John will then follow up with other offers, (other email series), in particular his products and other excellent high selling offers, with your affiliate link hard coded inside. This will last a number of months.

This is truly a win-win-win opportunity.

If you are someone who sends promotions to others, I really recommend that you see this offer:

The Best JV Offer Ever

In my next email I will discuss whether I think that you really have the ability to take advantage of this offer.

All the best,

Alan Abelove