List of Videos


The Requirements Of A Niche To Work In (22:42)
How To Make A Plan To Enter Your Niche (14:59)
How To Research A Niche If It Can Produce Passive Income (10:30)
Choosing The Income Stream and Planning The Promotion (39:40)
Planning the Promotion In Practice (28:09)

Not Yet Done:

Creating Free Offer. Choosing name. Buying domain.
Build squeeze page.
Build Know-Like-and-Trust email followups.
Add on the promotions for first income stream.
Choosing and planning subsequent income streams.
Daily Maintenance: Driving traffic & Building promos for next stream.

Making a plan for what you will use your Promotion Engine
Setting up the Promotion Engine as a WordPress blog, basic setup meanwhile
Advanced setup of blog
Creating weekly content for the Promotion Engine for each thing that you want to promote. The Why and the How.
Driving traffic to all of those posts.
How to get your whole system more "hands-off".

A Realistic Goal of $12,000/month

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