My success online is due to two things: One, to my willingness to learn a few technical skills and to roll up my sleeves and do the work that's needed.


And two, I sought out and made connections with big people, people who are making from 6 figures to 8 figures online. I wasn't afraid to pay a minimal amount of money to get their attention. And once I did get their attention I made it my goal to learn from them.


I got on to their mailing lists, but I didn't get on the defensive when I received their daily emails, sticking my hand into my pocket to protect my wallet from greedy hands. Rather I used it as a daily lesson to see how they write to their lists. And I took note both on a daily basis, and on a weekly basis, and even on a monthly basis. Watch and learn (and then do). And of course ask what is not clear.


If you are here already, then I don't need to mention Matthew Graves. Matthew and I go back many years, and I am a site partner at four of his sites from the old days. I'll just point out what I said above, that you can look forward to his daily emails, and you can learn from them. What he is doing, works.


I want to tell you something, and I know that I am touching on a disputed point, but it is my belief that it's worthwhile not to be limited only in one place.


Of course it is important to give your all and not be lazy and to follow the instructions of whoever your mentor or guide might be and not just jump around from guide to guide. This is why many fail, including myself for many years. You have to see it through and not just give up when the goin' gets tough. But in my opinion it is advantageous to have your hand in a few different places.


I would like to introduce you today to John Thornhill. With John I also have a connection going back over a decade. I am a part of his inner circle. Not his inner-inner circle, but I am known there by all of the bigshots, and I feel comfortable.


John's claim to fame is that he has been teaching Product Creation for over a decade. His thesis is that creating your own digital product is the only real way to make money online.


To a certain extent he is right. All of the big people making millions, even with affiliate marketing, they all have their own products that they developed themselves, (and not from $8 PLR). Matthew has his own products, just that you might not recognize them as such - membership mailer sites.


I want to invite you to hear a no-cost one hour training by John on the subject of Product Creation, his expertise. This is his way of introducing himself, and it fits perfectly with what you need for two reasons. One, you get to see the man and hear what he has to say. Two, you really shouldn't be an ignoramus in the subject of Product Creation. Most people are, just sticking their head in the ground saying, "oh no, that's not for me."


Enjoy, it's worth your while.


All the best,

Alan Abelove


Click Here To Be Introduced To John Thornhill