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What Exactly is Niche Marketing Kit? Tell Me More!

Niche Marketing Kit Festive Special
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Understanding Web Traffic

You NEED TRAFFIC! PERIOD!! The key to making money on command is mastering the process of getting traffic. There are a bunch of different types of traffic sources. From the private trainings given to Omar and Melinda's My Unfair Advantage group. Ebook and an hour video training session. Fair Value $37.


Getting Traffic The Right Way

There is good traffic and there is bad traffic. You’ll learn the truth about these two types of traffic and how most traffic that you send to your product can possibly be hurting your business. Ebook and 52 minute video training by Omar Martin. Fair Value $37.


Making Module Videos

Video is VERY IMPORTANT. Learn what the best ways to record your module videos are, WITHOUT having to be on camera. Learn what your video should display and why. By Omar Martin. Produced for his special My Unfair Advantage group. Ebook and a 36 minute video training. Fair value - $37.


Affiliate Marketing

What should you do when it comes to your affiliate marketing? What should you not do? Not everyone knows what they should and shouldn't be doing as an affiliate marketer. Created and Published by Omar Martin for his premium My Unfair Advantage group. Ebook and 20 minute video training. Fair value - $37.


Affiliate Marketing A to Z

Affiliate marketing can become a really expensive habit if you don’t know what you’re doing. Get an candid look into a day in the life of a successful affiliate marketer. By Omar Martin. 24-page ebook. Fair value - $17


List Building Paradigm

The internet develops new methods, tactics and tools that enable you to attract new leads and new customers to your growing email lists. Do the changes on the internet scare you? By Omar Martin, Ebook and half hour video training. Created for his premium MUA group. Fair value - $37.


List Launcher

Having a list is IMPORTANT, everyone already knows this. Don't get your autoresponder account banned. Learn how to properly grow and monetize a proper subscriber list. By Omar Martin, 28-page ebook. Fair value - $27.


Facebook Ads For Beginners

Using Facebook Ads can sometimes seem very overwhelming. But it doesn't have to! Let us take you step by step through the basics of running your own ads on Facebook. Created by Omar Martin for his premium MUA group. Ebook and a 54-minute video training. Fair value - $47.


Facebook Marketing Strategy Tips

The key to pulling profitable leads from Facebook and turning them into dollars is the right MARKETING PLAN! Assemble a loyal TRIBE of repeat buyers from Facebook. Written and created by Omar Martin. Ebook. Fair value - $17.


Marketing Mindset

Get your mindset on the right thinking path. Your mindset is very important when you’re running a business. The state you keep your mind will be able to either make you or break you. Created by Omar Martin for his elite MUA group. Ebook and a 37-minute video training. Fair value - $37

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