My Message After 60 Days

My dear subscriber:

Over the past 60 days I have tried to show you the basics of the principle building blocks of online success. And they are:

Product Creation - Anybody who is anybody with massive online success has products of their own which they have produced. And I told you that product creation is very much bad-mouthed by anyone who sells PLR products and the like. I tried to coax you into listening to the no-cost webinar given by John Thornhill, the master of Product Creation teaching. I hope that you took the link and listened to the webinar, because it will give you the tools with which to decide if Product Creation is for you at this juncture, or not. If you have not yet listened to his webinar, here is the link again:

Click the button for John's no-cost Product Creation Webinar
Product Creation Webinar


Affiliate Marketing - Everyone and his mother claim that they can make you into an affiliate marketing genie. Now, I've seen that movie before, tens of times, and the only one that I rely on to recommend to my subscribers is Michael Cheney. And I recommend his product The Commission Machine. Additionally, Michael is one of very very few that I actually open up almost all of his emails that he sends me. Yes, for the entertainment, but more so because it exposes me to great email marketing.

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Michael's Commission Machine


Traffic - There are zillions but zillions of traffic tips and tricks and new-fangled strategies to receive either no-cost traffic or low-cost paid traffic. I personally receive around 20-30 of such email DAILY. But the only one that I send my subscribers to is Omar Martin's Buzzinar. Both because of the product and also because of the man (well, the couple, he and his wife). This works, and reliably, and it'll provide the jump up that many look for in other strategies and are left disappointed.

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Omar's Buzzinar